Think before you type

Don’t take this too seriously but it made me chuckle.

I was just looking at the home page for the X-Plane flight simulator and under the section on what our customers are saying I came across this little pearl of wisdom.

I’m speechless! There are absolutely no words that can describe the beauty in X-Plane 10. I’m an avid flight simmer and current student pilot.
X-Plane 10 is the closest to reality that I’ve experienced.

  • Kendal, from Texas

It’s amazing just how many characters a speechless person can consume to say how words can’t describe something.

However the fact that: “X-Plane 10 is the closest to reality that I’ve experienced”, begs two questions: Is Kendal in The Matrix? or has he ever tried just looking out of the window?

Although you can forgive him for the hyperbole as, well, it is rather sexy.