Atari ST: Installation and configuration series

A YouTube series

Recently I’ve been recording a series on YouTube where I take a stock Atari STFM, upgrade it and build it into a daily driver.

The beginning of the series is this video, where I take a screw driver and a soldering iron to my ST in an attempt to upgrade it from TOS 1.02 to 1.04. It worked, eventually…

Staring with that as the baseline I began installing software upgrades to improve performance and capabilities, by updating the VDI, GDOS, installing a new desktop and finally adding multitasking.

which resulted in a much faster, more attractive ST.

Then I moved on to quality of life improvements and adding a CLI to our system.

Running different ST configurations requires a boot manager. Here I install and configure XBoot.

We need to decompress files in a variety of formats, here how to install and configure PAC Shell

It’s no good having software without knowing how to use it. In this episode I install ST-Guide a hyper text help system for the atari ST

There are a couple of Quality of life improvements next, a Font Selector and an AV Server, just to make life better. Finally I add more bling to the ST by adding custom Icons into the mix

Thats all for now but more episodes incoming.