Lost iPhone woes

Ok, not a biggie, I lost my phone (understatement alert). However that little apple device I have strapped to my wrist is missing the little red icon of loneliness:

So at least I lost it in the comfort of my own home. Now, off to the land-line to call it and track it down. Eek, not so fast, I’ve got the blasted ringer muted. Hmmm…

After a moment of genuine head scratching I remember that the apple watch has a function for this. Going to the glances view and selecting the left most glance you get the following preferences pane.

Tapping the ‘locate my phone’ button makes your phone sound a pinging noise. Hurrah! phone found (at the top of the laundry basket, where it was sitting in my jeans pocket).

Trying to find your phone in the dark? pressing the ‘locate my phone’ button and holding your finger down will make the led on the iPhone’s back strobe. Very cool.

Now where did I put my glasses…